Podcast Español VIVO

Immerse yourself 10 minutes a day in the real Spanish people use and improve your language skills in no time.

With languages, it doesn´t happen as with other skills of the style of cycling or driving, that once you learn them, you will not forget them. If Spanish is not your mother tongue and you don´t use it daily in different contexts, it is very likely that you will lose your fluency when speaking it and that you forget the vocabulary and some grammar rules.

`Podcast Español VIVO´ is the best programme for you if:

You have a minimum pre-intermediate level of Spanish. Maybe you learned Spanish long time ago but you feel that you are forgetting it due to lack of practice.

You are a very busy person and you would like to find an effective method that will help you keep your Spanish “in shape” by dedicating little time to it.

You think that Spanish people speak too fast and you would like to train your ear to improve your listening comprehension and pronunciation.

The best method for busy people.

Make your wish to speak real Spanish come true.
Enjoy full access to the programme Podcast Español VIVO for only €35 a year.
You can cancel your subscription at any time.



For less than the cost of one coffee a month you will see great progress in your Spanish.


Podcast Español VIVO

Improve your Spanish with 5 minutes a day
35 1 year access
  • Real Spanish conversations about different topics
  • Audio + Script + Quizzes + Vocabulary section
  • Cancel any time
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