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... with a well-structured course and engaging approach.


Expand your basic knowledge of the Spanish language to communicate in different contexts. In this course we finally learn the different past tenses, very important to be able to refer to and explain events from our past.

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Why to choose this course?

With this course you will deepen and expand some knowledge learned at the previous level and learn new concepts that will allow you to interact in new and varied contexts.

You have a lot of exercises that you can do at your own pace. You will also have the help of a qualified and experienced teacher.

This course prepares you to continue your own learning independently. The ‘Train your Spanish’ program that you have access to when you finish your course is ideal to continue learning by yourself. It will help you expand your vocabulary, train your ear and improve your listening comprehension. In addition, you will learn useful and varied expressions that we use frequently in Spanish.

Course contents:

Click on each module to see the contents in detail. If you don´t understand the following information in Spanish, then Curso Básico is the one I recommend for you.

  • Lección 1. Nuevos usos de SER y ESTAR.
  • Lección 2. El apócope del adjetivo (buen, mal, gran, primer…).
  • Lección 3. Más estructuras seguidas de infinitivo (hay que, dejar de…).
  • Vocabulario general.
  • Revisión Módulo 1.
  • Audio lecciones Módulo 1.
  • Lección 4. Los gerundios irregulares.
  • Lección 5. Más sobre verbos como GUSTAR.
  • Lección 6. Más sobre verbos con construcción reflexiva (verbos terminados en -SE).
  • Vocabulario general.
  • Revisión Módulo 2.
  • Audio lecciones Módulo 2.
  • Lección 7. El pasado. Pretérito indefinido.
  • Lección 8. Verbos como gustar en Pretérito indefinido.
  • Lección 9. Expresiones comunes y coloquiales.
  • Vocabulario general.
  • Revisión Módulo 3.
  • Audio lecciones Módulo 3.
  • Lección 10. Más sobre posesivos (mío, tuyo, suyo…).
  • Lección 11. El objeto directo y el objeto indirecto (lo, la, me, te, le, les…).
  • Lección 12. Más sobre los indefinidos (alguien, nadie, nada, algo…).
  • Vocabulario general.
  • Revisión Módulo 4.
  • Audio lecciones Módulo 4.
  • Lección 13. El Pretérito imperfecto. Otra forma de expresar el pasado.
  • Lección 14. Más sobre la comparación (mejor, peor, mayor, menor…).
  • Vocabulario general.
  • Revisión Módulo 5.
  • Audio lecciones Módulo 5.
  • Lección 15. El Imperativo afirmativo.
  • Lección 16. Conectores (así que, sino, por eso, es que…).
  • Vocabulario general.
  • Revisión Módulo 6.
  • Audio lecciones Módulo 6.
  • Lección 17 . El Futuro simple. Otra forma de expresar el futuro.
  • Lección 18. Más preposiciones (por vs. para, desde, hasta…).
  • Vocabulario general.
  • Revisión Módulo 7.
  • Audio lecciones Módulo 7.

Más adjetivos para describir, expresiones y vocabulario general sobre temas variados.

Vocabulario general sobre temas variados que vas a ir aprendiendo a través de las distintas actividades: la salud, los viajes, la casa, el entorno, gustos e intereses, medios de comunicación, etc.

What exactly does the course include?



In this course all explanations are in Spanish. The instructions for the exercises are also in Spanish. There are only a few exercises to translate from English to Spanish.


The course is designed so that you can do it at your own pace. Either way, my recommendation is to be consistent. If you do one lesson a week you can finish the course in less than three months. But remember that short, frequent sessions are more effective than a five-hour marathon every ten days. You will have support from the teacher for 1 year.


After your purchase, if you are not enrolled in Escuela Español VIVO yet, you will receive a personal username and password to access the school and the courses you are enrolled in at any time and from anywhere. You only need an internet connection.

The Teacher

My name is Ana and I have been a teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language since 2010. I am the founder of Escuela Español VIVO and author of the blog, courses and programs that you can find on this website. 

My goal is to help you communicate in Spanish at the level you want through a modern, fun and effective approach. 

I will accompany you on this course to answer your questions and help you with whatever you need.

Satisfaction guaranteed

You have free access to the course for 7 days to try it out and decide if this course is for you.

Start today!


  • Spanish in context.
  • Detailed explanations and lots of practice.
  • Comprehension exercises through audio lessons.
  • Feedback and help from the teacher for 1 year.
  • BONUS: Access to the 'Train your Spanish' program for 1 year.
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